Homeowner Tips July 17, 2023

What to Pack for Your First Night in Your New House

What To Pack For Your First Night In Your New House

Moving day is approaching and your to-do list just keeps growing! But, there is one more to-do to add to your list. This to-do list gets you ready for a peaceful first night in your new home. You’ll thank me later. Actually, you’ll be too tired to thank me, but that’s okay. Your first night will be great and that’s all the thanks I need.

The last thing anyone wants to do after a long moving day, is to open box after box in search of your pjs, toothbrush, pillow and your kid’s night light. No one wants to go on a treasure hunt at the end of moving day!

Here’s how to have a restful first night:

Pack a suitcase for each family member (two and four legged) for their first night. Bring those suitcases with you, so you’ll know right where they are.

 Each suitcase should be packed with these essentials:

  1. Linens and pillows
  2. Clean pjs
  3. A fresh change of clothes
  4. Toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, toilet paper and towels
  5. Medications, eyeglasses or contact lenses & solutions
  6. Your kids favorite teddy bear, bedtime story and night light
  7. Phone, computer and chargers
  8. A bag for each pet with food, food bowls, toys leash and bed

Keep your family happy & fed:

Pack a family box with food and healthy treats for moving day and for breakfast the next day. Include a few dishes, silverware, paper towels, snacks and food.

Take precautions:

Remember to personally move your credit cards, wallet and jewelry. Keep them safely tucked away.

If you’re moving long distance:

Bring clothing and essentials for at least a week while you’re waiting for the moving truck to arrive. No one wants to have to start their new job or school in their pjs!

Enjoy your first night!

Being able to easily grab what you need makes your first night in your new place feel like home. Watch the video below for more tips!