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Want to Move to a 55+ Adult Living Community?

Contemplating a 55+ Community?

Making the decision to move to a 55+ adult living community can be a big one with a lot of factors to consider. Are you looking for an active lifestyle with loads of amenities and opportunities for social connection or a quiet place to relax without a lot of distractions? While there are many benefits, it’s important to ask the right questions so you can determine if the neighborhood fits your vision of the future.

The Atmosphere

If you enjoy using the pool, gym or sports facilities in a more adults-only environment – with perhaps only a few sporadic encounters with grandchildren – then a more peaceful 55+ community may be the right fit. But if you are very active and social, a community with walking clubs, bocce ball tournaments, pickle ball courts and happy hours by the pool will provide more opportunities to meet your neighbors and establish a group of friends.

Maintenance-Free Landscaping

Lawn and yard upkeep can become a pesky, cumbersome task, especially as you age. If you enjoy not having to worry about sprucing up the outdoors and making decisions on shrubbery and plants, then a 55+ development with full landscaping services will be appealing. However, if gardening and landscaping is your thing and you love a good outdoor DIY project, a 55+ community may be too restrictive. Read the fine print to understand exactly what your responsibilities are, and what can and cannot be done in your yard.

The Active Lifestyle

With neighbors so close in the community, you may enjoy the friendly, interactive side – especially if you are a social butterfly and enjoy partaking in events, classes, clubs or holiday-themed activities. You may want to examine any clubhouse costs or dues and determine if it is worth it so you are able to take full advantage of these mingling opportunities.

Considering these circumstances with your needs and desires can help you understand if a 55+ community is the right move for you and get you on the right path to discovering the best development.